Range of Industries

Founded in 2001 and based on 20+ years of experience, TBR Consulting professionally works with and has concrete experience from virtually all industries. Examples from common industries we work with include, but are not limited to the ones listed below.

Food & Beverage (FMCG)

Food & beverage is probably the industry we work with most often, including all segments and products.
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Building & Construction

Doors, windows, metal constructions, facades, glass, floor heating, houses, beams, panels, steel profiles, fences, material, etc.

IT / ICT, Software & Digitalisation

We are very familiar with IT, ICT and digitalisation, as well as software, systems and robots, where we have many clients.

Consumer Products

We have worked with e.g. textile/fashion, food supplements, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, lighting, coffee machines, etc.

Clothing, Fashion & Design

Children’s clothing, youth & adult clothing/fashion, socks, tights, leggings and underwear etc. 

Furniture / Interior Design

Office furniture, garden furniture, mattresses, interior design, blinds/shutters, shower enclosures etc.

Industrial Products / Services

We have worked with e.g. metals, machinery, storage systems, gates, steel works, maintenance services and HVAC.

Renewable Energy / Cleantech

Wind power, bioenergy, photovoltaics, electrical charging stations, electricity installation services, etc.

Medical Technology / Healthcare

Rehab equipment, stroke imaging AI analysis, AGVs for hospitals, neurological training concepts, pharmacies.  


In this sector, projects have been related to e.g. CIT, railway security systems, roof safety, etc.

Banking & Insurance

Banking equipment, software, ATMs, money processing machines, insurance business development.


Online marketing, gyms, event organising, golf equipment, product packaging, funeral urns and much more.

We did a market entry project with TBR Consulting and were very pleased with the service, the strong commitment shown and the partner meetings arranged. Recommended!

Tarja Ollila, Finland
Managing Director, Verso Food Oy (Food)

We give the best reference to them as professional business consultants. They helped us to invaluable business contracts, company start-up and good advice from A-Z.

Darius Vasionis, Lithuania
Business Development Manager, Eugensa Ltd. (Building & Construction)

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