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We work with all industries. Founded in 2001, we have successfully carried out a manifold of projects in virtually all industries, including but not limited to e.g. food & beverage, building & construction, IT & ICT, e-commerce, renewable energy, cleantech, medical technology, healthcare, industrial products/services, fashion & design, furniture, security, banking & insurance and much more. read more  

No, each project is customised and unique. However, for well defined projects like a market entry, partner search or customer prospecting project, we can normally offer a fixed package price.

Clients testify about our strong commitment, professional approach, dedicated work and the tangible long-lasting results delivered. We take great pride in really understanding the client’s company, products/services and objectives, as well as always working with their best interest in mind.

The region has managed the financial crisis very well with a maintained market demand and a high purchasing power. Financially, the region is at the top in Europe and holds 4 out of 5 top positions in the World Prosperity Index. Due to historical reasons, local companies are open for new products and collaborations, offering excellent business opportunities for international exporters.

Yes, we offer professional and cost-effective services for companies in Sweden, Scandinavia and the Nordics that wish to grow their business abroad, be it within the Nordics, to Europe or overseas. This service is customised to the needs of the client and is based on our local project management, strategy work, well-proven methodologies and quality assurance, while the in-market work is always carried out in co-operation with one of our on-site senior consultants in the target country in question.

A typical market entry project is based on our well-proven 3-step methodology with a professional market study (report), a thorough partner search and finally dedicated partner contacts, evaluation, matchmaking and meeting/mission organising for the client. read more  

We normally recommend a market study as step 1, but for a more direct and cost-effective approach we can alternatively move directly to the partner search. It normally includes a wide and professional search for potential partners/distributors, identification of key decision-makers, customised and well-prepared personal telephone contacts, introductory emails in local language, presales of the client’s company, products/services and unique selling points, active follow-up, partner evaluations, matchmaking and organising of an effective mission to the target country, including meetings with vetted and interested potential partners. read more  

Yes, we have concepts for B2B customer prospecting that really works. If you already have a company or partner in the region, or a product/service that can be sold directly from abroad to customers in the target market, we can help you to prove your concept, investigate the market interest and/or research as well as organise high-quality sales leads and meetings for you. read more  

In all key markets, we offer a variety of customised market research services at different levels, either according to your predefined requirements, or based on our own long experience from what needs to be researched and analysed in order to maximise your business opportunities. read more  

We have many years of experience from organising highly acclaimed trade missions from many different countries and industries. We have a unique methodology for effective participant prospecting and high-quality B2B matchmaking and meetings. Trade missions have been organised for anything from 5 international companies with independent local meetings to 20+ international companies large scale events with training sessions, market briefings and hundreds of organised B2B meetings during a single day. read more  

We have a company policy not to accept assignments on a commission basis. This as it is impossible for us to estimate the future income and we have limited possibilities to monitor the client’s sales over time. Several of our institutional clients also demand that we do not work on commission basis.

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Experienced. Knowledgeable. Supportive. The partner search done by TBR Consulting in Spain was done with great care. The organised mission with meetings was effective and appreciated.

Ann-Christin Blom, Sweden
Sales Director New Markets , Essve Produkter AB (Fastening & Building)

The team at TBR Consulting helped us with a fast and high quality market research and customer survey, an important input to our new strategy. Well-structured and performed.

Minna Hellström, Finland
Head of Marketing, Airam Electric Oy (Lighting)

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