Market Research / Studies

We offer customised market studies where we with a practical approach research and analyse the market conditions for you, securing a well-informed market entry with minimised risk. A market study typically includes information such as general market information, industry facts & figures, trends & forecasts, sales & distribution channels, logistics, rules & regulations, certifications, competition, product area pricing/store-checks, sector margins and mark-ups, cultural differences, exhibitions & media, SWOT-analysis and conclusions/recommendations. 

TBR Consulting additionally offers other types of market research, tailored to your specific needs. It can e.g. be independent customer surverys, regulatory research, competitor analysis, store checks, market price/margin research, in-market product testing, etc. 

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The team at TBR Consulting helped us with a fast and high quality market research and customer survey, an important input to our new strategy. Well-structured and performed.

Minna Hellström, Finland
Head of Marketing, Airam Electric Oy (Lighting)

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