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Last updated: August 1, 2020

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How TBR Consulting uses cookies

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How can we help you?

We have the expertise to advice you on the best approach to help you reach your goals.

We have successfully worked with Mr. Ramsten for the organising of several international trade missions to the Nordic region. We are delighted with the results and give our best recommendations.

Miyoba Lubemba, International
Senior Programme Officer, The International Trade Centre (an agency of the WTO and the UN)

Experienced. Knowledgeable. Supportive. The partner search done by TBR Consulting in Spain was done with great care. The organised mission with meetings was effective and appreciated.

Ann-Christin Blom, Sweden
Sales Director New Markets , Essve Produkter AB (Fastening & Building)

We highly recommend TBR Consulting that we have worked with in the Nordics for many years. They are very committed and deliver a professional service second to none.

Eduard Pfister, Switzerland
CEO & Owner, Parm AG (IT and Project Management Systems)

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