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Sales Strategies & Marketing Expertise: We help you structure your sales force and evaluate high margin/low volume or high volume/low margin.
We assist you concerning pricing matters, incentive schemes, sales training, contracts and negotiations.
Companies have to take many critical decisions when it comes to their sales strategies. High margin and lower volume or vice versa, your own sales force or sales agents, selling through distributors or starting your own subsidiaries, how to structure your sales force – just to mention a few. TBR Consulting can help you to evaluate the pros and cons of alternative possibilities, formulate your sales strategies and assist in the implementation phase – as you require. We can also assist you concerning pricing issues, sales training, incentive schemes, contracts and represent/negotiate on your behalf.
TBR Consulting help you improve your marketing/business plan with creative ideas and innovative strategies.
After years of activity your market plan may not feel as innovative any longer. Successful marketing is often based on finding new angles and coming up with creative ideas. Here TBR Consulting can help you look at your business with new eyes, propose innovative and cost-effective new activities and market concepts.

If you are considering introducing new products, to enter new customer segments or expand through increased export to new or existing markets – we assist you with the necessary market analysis to make sure that you invest where the pay back is best.
  Other Services: Please see the page Services for an overview of all our offerings. 
We can help you in many different ways to ensure your future expansion, with increased profitability.
  PR & Promotion: Public relation, investor relations and communication.
We organise cost-effective campaigns that increase sales as well as brand/company awareness.
Effective PR and promotion does not have to cost a fortune. Creative and cost-effective activities and campaigns often prove to be the most successful means to increase sales as well as company/brand awareness. As an example, simple but well thought through press release campaigns, designed in accordance with our concept, usually give the desired response. We assist you in a variety of fields in public relation, promotion and communication.
    Missing a Service? Please let us know if you did not find what you were looking for on our website, we can probably still help you or recommend another supplier.
Should you not have found the service or solution that you looked for on our Internet site, please call us or send us a short request by using the contact form. We will be happy to evaluate your enquiry and even direct you to an alternative supplier, should your request fall outside of our broad competence.
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