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Solutions Based on Experience: We offer cost-effective concepts based on expertise.
TBR Consulting provide total solutions to ensure your success, based on our well-proven concepts tailored to your exact requirements.
TBR Consulting has a long experience in international and domestic business development, which we apply on our solutions. We combine and adapt our services to a complete and tailored solution, matching the exact needs of each client. This way we ensure achieved objectives and cost-efficiency.
Export from Sweden / Selling to Sweden: Our speciality is to successfully find and evaluate distribution partners for our clients and successfully start up the business – particularly projects with connections to Sweden and Scandinavia.
We provide assistance to Swedish companies that want to start or expand their export business with success.
We provide a complete solution for Swedish companies wishing to start or grow their export to new countries and avoid the pitfalls. more 
Our well-proven solution for export to Sweden or Scandinavia includes market evaluation, market plan, agent/distributor search or start your own company – including all related services and support.
If you plan to start business in Sweden, we have the solution for you.
We can help you to evaluate the market, prepare market plans, find the best distributor or partner, start your own company, supervise the launch and ensure your success. more 
 Business Development: We assist you in developing new as well as existing businesses. 
TBR Consulting helps you develop your business anywhere in the world – not just in Sweden, Scandinavia and Europe.
Our well-proven solutions help you develop your business, whether Sweden is concerned or not. We assist companies worldwide.
In addition to helping companies starting up in a new market, we also provide expertise in developing and expanding businesses. While it is common that our clients have or wish to establish commercial links with Sweden, many of our assignments concern truly international assignments where Sweden is not involved. more 
  Management for Hire: We look after your business interests as if they were our own.
During the start-up or expansion phase we can act as your representative/manager or offer you ‘management for hire’.
During the start-up phase of your business activities we can offer you ”Management for Hire” or act as your local representative.
Leads get Rewarded: Send us a lead and help a friend or colleague to benefit from the professional TBR Consulting services/solutions.
If you know a friend or colleague that might benefit from our services, please send us a lead with his or her contact details as well as your own. All serious leads will get appropriately rewarded if they result in a consulting assignment. At the same time you help your contact to improve his/her business. Contact
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